Weird Sex & Snowshoes: and Other Canadian Film Phenomena [Paperback]


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weirdsexsnowshoesSOLDOUTDespite the glare emanating from Hollywood, the Canadian film industry perseveres, experimenting with form, content and style to create unique and varied movies. In this study of contemporary film in Canada, Vancouver Sun film reviewer Katherine Monk details the growth of our country’s quirky, diverse and stubbornly independent cinema. With the discerning eye of a critic, the enthusiasm of an insatiable cinephile and the passion of a proud Canuck, Monk delves into the guts of Canada’s cinematic tradition-where it came from, what it looks like and w10hat’s going on beneath the surface of the frame. She pulls Canadian film apart at the splice marks, rips open its subtext and exposes not just the beating heart of one plucky cinematic species-but the hidden soul of a nation. Full of film reviews and profiles of some of Canada’s greatest filmmakers (David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan, Francois Girard, Robert Lepage, Anne Wheeler and many more), Weird Sex & Snowshoes explores the slippery notion of “Canadian identity” and how it has evolved through images on the silver screen.


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