Vancouver’s Bron Studios Goes for the Big Time

Aaron Gilbert Bron

Aaron L. Gilbert founder of Bron Studios in Vancouver

You may have noticed a few new logos gracing the opening frames of the latest theatrical releases as up-and-comers emerge and veterans are folded into new divisions. Vancouver’s Bron Studios is one of those new players, and I spoke to its founder and CEO Aaron L. Gilbert for Postmedia just before they hit the big time with I Saw the Light and Welcome to Me. The following year, they found controversy with The Birth of a Nation — the Sundance darling that later turned sour after stories of sexual assault charges and a suicide tainted its theatrical release. Bron came back with Denzel Washington’s Fences and Patricia Rozema’s Into the Forest, and right now, they are in the midst of re-teaming Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody in Tully, starring Charlize Theron.┬áHere’s a short version of my first interview:

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